Update the Official Tutorial on MVU Cloud Mining

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3 min readMay 7, 2021

MVU cloud mining now makes something change. Here’s the updated official tutorial on MVU cloud mining.

1. Sign up on MVU cloud mining

The registration on MVU cloud mining is the same as usual. You can refer to the first couple of articles of “Complete Guide to MVU Cloud Mining”.

2.Types of MVU cloud mining contracts

In general, the types of cloud mining contracts are the same as the past. But you should note that, you could only find 3 contracts by clicking “buy hashrate”: Special offer of $99, BTC Hashrate of $69, ETH Hashrate for $16.

For the novice package, you need to click “profile” and choose “my assets”. You will find the tasks to complete, and choose “get 3-day 280MH/s experience”.

The following are the guides to complete tasks for newcomers.

3. Guides to complete tasks for newcomers

Receive 10MH/s hashrate

Once you register, you will get 10MH/s hashrates and receive $1.1 in extra. You don’t need to do anything!

The task of reading articles

By clicking the reading articles, and then submit, you can get another $1.12. So by just 10 seconds, I got $1.12!

Get 3-day 280MH/s experience

The 280MH/s is for the novice package, which is very beneficial for the beginners. You need to pay the contract amount $26 at any time within the 3 days. The price of ETH now is about $2328, I will get about $62 3 days later, and the profit is about 36! After buying the novice package, I will get $2.24 in addition.

Income calculation questions

For the calculation question, you can use “mining calculator” for answers.

For example, for the “What is the estimated return of buying a 300 MH/s ETH cloud hashrate contract for 2 years?”, the calculation is $9910.66.

Buy one cloud hashrate.

For this task, I recommend you to buy the special offer for new users. The 14-day contract for 200 MH/s ETH cloud hashrate is only $99. The current expected return is $131, and the yield is 32%. After buying the special offer, you will get $2.24.

4.Invite a friend

By inviting a friend, you will receive 10M Ethereum hashrate free for each person who registers and successfully completes the novice package. You will also get 5% commission for each person who orders. You will get $4.48 for just inviting a friend!

It’s also a good chance to get more free money, and MVU cloud mining now provides the affiliate/referral program for getting a passive income.

You can share your referral link or referral code to your friends and get money for free.

Start on MVU cloud mining by clicking the referral link here or the referral code 3e0bb4eb

So by just simply clicking the button, I got totally $13.46 for free! Why not have a try?




The goal of MVU Cloud Mining is to make cloud mining not only to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but also for ordinary users.