How to get Free ETH and BTC HashRate Commision by inviting friends?

3 min readMay 19, 2021


All pictures are from MVU’s first batch of user feedback. Here, MVUfish expresses its sincere gratitude on behalf of MVU official.

Introduction to MVU platform gameplay:

Civilian players:

Register>Do tasks>Invite friends>Friends to order activation>Invite people to get 5% commission

Top-up players:

Register>Do tasks>Invite friends to order+Order by yourself>Invite people to get 5% commission + own cloud mining income

Complete Guide to MVU Cloud Mining | Medium

This article includes the following:

  1. Invitation reward (registration reward + task reward + invitation reward)
  2. How to invite (invite link + effective user introduction)
  3. User feedback (User invitation revenue feedback graph)

1. Invite rewards

  • Registration rewards

10 MHS 7-day ETH Tester hashrate

(10 MHS 7-day ETH Tester hashrate is not permanent. Please make sure Choose the contract you are interested in within seven days.)

  • Mission rewards

Complete the following tasks to receive:$10.53

The task of reading articles+0.0005 ETH = $1.75

Income calculation questions+0.0005 ETH = $3.51

Buy one cloud hashrate+0.001 ETH = $3.51

Invite a friend+0.001 ETH = $3.51

  • Invitation reward

5% hashrate commision for each person who order

2. How to invite

  • Registration steps

First register with the usual email address:


  • Invitation link

Copy the registration link + referral code for promotion

Refferral Link:

Referral Code: 3e0bb4eb

  • Effective user introduction

Effective users are divided into users to be activated and activated users

Pending activation users: users who register through your invitation code but have not subscribed to the contract, the inviter can receive 5% commission after ordering.

Activated user: The user registers with your invitation code, has subscribed to the contract, and the inviter can receive a 5% commission.

3. User feedback




The goal of MVU Cloud Mining is to make cloud mining not only to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but also for ordinary users.