How to get Free ETH and BTC HashRate Commision by inviting friends?

All pictures are from MVU’s first batch of user feedback. Here, MVUfish expresses its sincere gratitude on behalf of MVU official.

Civilian players:

Register>Do tasks>Invite friends>Friends to order activation>Invite people to get 5% commission

Top-up players:

Register>Do tasks>Invite friends to order+Order by yourself>Invite people to get 5% commission + own cloud mining income

Complete Guide to MVU Cloud Mining | Medium

  1. Invitation reward (registration reward + task reward + invitation reward)
  2. How to invite (invite link + effective user introduction)
  3. User feedback (User invitation revenue feedback graph)

1. Invite rewards

  • Registration rewards

10 MHS 7-day ETH Tester hashrate

(10 MHS 7-day ETH Tester hashrate is not permanent. Please make sure Choose the contract you are interested in within seven days.)

  • Mission rewards

Complete the following tasks to receive:$10.53

The task of reading articles+0.0005 ETH = $1.75

Income calculation questions+0.0005 ETH = $3.51

Buy one cloud hashrate+0.001 ETH = $3.51

Invite a friend+0.001 ETH = $3.51

  • Invitation reward

5% hashrate commision for each person who order

2. How to invite

  • Registration steps

First register with the usual email address:


  • Invitation link

Copy the registration link + referral code for promotion

Refferral Link:

Referral Code: 3e0bb4eb

  • Effective user introduction

Effective users are divided into users to be activated and activated users

Pending activation users: users who register through your invitation code but have not subscribed to the contract, the inviter can receive 5% commission after ordering.

Activated user: The user registers with your invitation code, has subscribed to the contract, and the inviter can receive a 5% commission.

3. User feedback



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The goal of MVU Cloud Mining is to make cloud mining not only to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but also for ordinary users.